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Lomi lomi is a ritual rooted in Hawaiian traditions. It based on the “huna” philosophy, which belives that life in on earth is sustained by the energy “mana”. in ancient times, this unique massage was performed by Kahuna, mystical wisdom keepers. The ritual was combined with dance and chanting and was performed only on selecyed individuals on stone altars, sometimes lasting for days.

Lomi lomi embodies our connectuion to the land(´aina) ancestors (´aumakua) and the spirit of life(aloha). Lomi lomi is benefical for various ailments and helps to maintain and strengthen personal power (mana) The long and flowing movements with hands and arms are relaxing and healing. It´s as if your body is in the embrace of waves that touch you gently but profoundly. The massage is performed smoothly, moving across the body, relieving tension in the muscles and connective tissues. Above all, it is a loving touch and presence that is felt in every cell throughout the body. Gentle yet perfound touches encourage the nervous system to relax, premoting openness and a sense of letting go in bouth the body and mind. The benefits include tension release, improved circulation, stress reduction, and overall relaxation